A Royal Sensuality in Cannes

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  • There is a perfect confidence between you and the masseuse. Your whole body will be worked upon with soft touches or pressing maneuvers, as you may prefer.
  • You can choose for warm oil or massage powder. We use sweet almond, jojoba and avocado oil mixture, of excellent quality, odorless and nourishing skin.
  • The masseuse slides on you slowly with sensual movements performed with her whole body. An intense and refined pleasure awakens from this body to body feeling.
  • Choose 4 hands massage. The double pleasure spreads into every part of your body, but in a controlled manner.
  • Come with your beloved and enjoy together. The massage can last for as long as you wish (one hour, two hours or more). Take your time for a pure bliss.

Welcome to Massages Cannes

Whatever you are in a vacance or just in a visit in Cannes you cannot miss the pleasure of an extraordinary sensual massage. You definitely deserve to be pampered and carried with attention and to attend in the paradise of refined pleasure.

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Our Concept

Our massages Cannes were conceived for those eager to experience a new and original approach to pleasure and eroticism, an experience that you will definitely remember. More than a massage, it also touches your heart and soul. Here the place where sensuality and relaxation give you wings to fly.

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Your Journey

The very moment you step in, you are seduced by the stylish cosiness of the ambiance, wrapped in the calming light of candles and in the uplifting fragrance. One of our charming masseuses will welcome you with a smile. You begin with a refreshing shower. An ambient music will help you chill out.

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Our Terms

We are grateful in advance to all our guests for considering our rules during their Majestic visit. We recommend a passive attitude to ensure all the benefits of our massages Cannes. Please use your common sense and adopt a proper behaviour and language with our ladies masseuses.

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Massages and Prices

Discover a very sensual massage for men. Feel the intense and soft touches emerging from body to body contact. 2 hands- 1h30 min: 170 €/ 2h: 210 € 4 hands- 1h30 min: 310 €/ 2h: 390 €

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We invite women to relax and enhance their feminity and sensuality. If you want to go further you can ask also the Yoni massage (massage of the vulva) 1h: 130 € 1h 30 min: 150 € 2h: 190 €

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A corner of paradise for couples that want to relax together and relish a moment of sensuality. Enjoy a perfect vacation and add an extra erotic spark to your relationship. 1h: 250 €/ 1h 30 min: 290 €

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A moment of pure relaxation and sensual delight

Welcome to Majestic Massages Cannes, a massage parlour where you will find one of the best sensual massage, tantric massage and erotic massage on the French Riviera. Majestic is a palace of wellbeing, sensuality, harmony and comfort. You can find our massage centre in Cannes, close to La Croisette and the Festivals Palace. We invite you to have a unique relaxing experience in an enchanting ambiance.

Far from the bustle of the modern world, lack of time and routine, we invite you to cross the threshold of the extraordinary world of touch. Thus, time stops and you live the present moment with each breath. Majestic Massages Cannes is the place where relaxation is at it's home.

Who can have one of our Massages Cannes?

Majestic Massages are meant for all men and women and also for couples who enjoy the elegance, sensuality, tenderness and well-being. Our massages are very relaxing, sensual and refined.

Majestic princesses, wonderful masseuses, are providing soft and slow caresses, made with their whole body. You will live delightful moments, states of intense pleasure due to the body to body contact.

Majestic Massages Cannes is personalized

It is enough to communicate your needs if they agree our terms. Your body looses all tensions, spirit sets free, soul finds its tranquility, and you recharge with all energy you need.

*Although our massages Cannes are very sensual, are not a sexual performance and doesn't have a sexual connotation. Note also that our massages services have no other purpose than relaxation and well-being and they are not therapeutic or medical procedures.

Looking forward to seeing you!