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From the 10th to the 22th of July, Majestic Massage Promo Party

To celebrate together with you France National Holiday on July 14, our massage center offers exceptional promotions: shower in the company of the masseuse and extra 15 minutes of massage, completely free.For 60 min and 90 min sessions you have to choose for one of the two promotions, but for the 120 min massage session we offer both as gift, free of charge.

The concept of “accompanied shower” has been designed by our Centre, either as a preparation for massage or, in case you choose to take a shower also after massage, as a pleasant way to prolong the feeling of well-being experienced during the massage session.

Far from being a service intended to awaken any excitement, the accompanied shower allows the masseuse to shower you in a cozy and intimate atmosphere; a nice occasion to deepen relaxation, sweetness and enjoy a state of complete trust.

Pleased to welcome you!

*Our promotions are not cumulative.

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