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Your Favorite Promotion – August 3rd to 31-2017

At Majestic Massage Centre in Cannes we take your opinion and preferences into account. That’s why we invite you in August to relax and enjoy your favorite promotion: a shower in the company of the masseuse and an extra 15 minutes of massage completely free.

For the One hour and One hour and a half sessions, you can choose one of the two promotions, and for the Two-hour massage session we offer both as a gift.

We wish to remind you that the concept of “accompanied shower” was designed by our Centre as a phase of preparation for massage or – if you opt for the shower after massage – as a pleasant way to prolong the feeling of well-being during the session itself.

Far from being an action intended to awaken any arousal, the accompanied shower allows the masseuse to assist you during your shower, in a cozy and intimate atmosphere, conductive to your state of relaxation and confidence.

We wish you a majestic sensual massage!

*Our promotions are not cumulative.

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