A Royal Sensuality in Cannes
Tel: +33 633 66 39 48

Our Terms

We offer wellbeing services, caressing and perfect control of energy. We are grateful to all our guests for considering the following rules during their Majestic visit:

  • During all our services, we recommend a controlled pleasure, and no exception shall be made. Please do not ask for any sexual services or finishes;
  • Thank you for not asking any sexual service during the massage.
  • The masseuses shall not be completely naked but in a comfortable, sensual outfit.
  • Massage shall be made upon all areas of the body except for genitals, in order to engender a complex experience of pleasure throughout the body, not only in the intimate area.
  • There is absolutely no mutual massage to be performed between the guest and the masseuse. We recommend a passive attitude to ensure all the benefits of the massage.
  • Our masseuses act under a strict professional deontology. Please adopt a proper behavior and language.
  • We disclaim any relation between our services and any therapeutic technique, whether kinaesthetic or medical.
  • Should the above rules be disobeyed, the session will be stopped immediately and no reimbursement will be made.

Rules for a perfect hygiene

  • Our masseuses respect a perfect hygiene, they take thorough showers between the sessions.
    Bed clothes and towels are changed after each session and the bathroom is neatly cleaned.
  • For your comfort we provide all necessary stuff: toilet tissues, slippers, organic shower gel and shampoo, soap, comb.
  • All guests are required a complete body shampooing before all services, for hygiene reason and in respect for the masseuse.
  • You may also take a shower after the massage, even if part of the oil would be good for the skin, as our oil is a mix of non smelling sweet almond, jojoba, avocado oils, which are skin nourishing.
  • The session duration is attentively respected. If you choose a one hour and a half session, for instance, you will literally enjoy the massage for one hour and a half, disregarding the time you need for shower. This may seem obvious but we prefer to mention it, anyway.

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