A Royal Sensuality in Cannes
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Hygiene and ethical rules

Thank you for considering the following hygiene and ethical rules:

  • Shower is required before any massage session. We provide all means in this respect;
  • Majestic Massage applies perfect sexual control during the massage session. There is no kind of sexual services and external loss;
  • Our masseuses are wearing a thong, unless you opt for a nude massage;
  • Massage is performed all over the body, except the genital area;
  • The masseuse should not be massaged or touched. We recommend a receptive attitude to ensure all the benefits of the massage;
  • Majestic Massage will refuse any request contrary to this policy or modification of any fees;
  • Our practitioners respect a strict professional code of ethics. We kindly ask you to adopt the correct behavior, language and courtesy;
  • We disclaim any relation between our services and any therapeutic technique, whether kinesthetic or medical.
  • In case of not respecting these rules, the massage session will be immediately interrupted and there will be no refund.

Rules for a perfect hygiene

  • Our masseuses respect a perfect hygiene, they take thorough showers between the sessions.
    Bed clothes and towels are changed after each session and the bathroom is neatly cleaned.
  • For your comfort we provide all necessary stuff: toilet tissues, slippers, organic shower gel and shampoo, soap, comb.
  • All guests are required a complete body shampooing before all services, for hygiene reason and in respect for the masseuse.
  • You may also take a shower after the massage, even if part of the oil would be good for the skin, as our oil is a mix of non smelling sweet almond, jojoba, avocado oils, which are skin nourishing.
  • The session duration is attentively respected. If you choose a one hour and a half session, for instance, you will literally enjoy the massage for one hour and a half, disregarding the time you need for shower. This may seem obvious but we prefer to mention it, anyway.

Thank you and wish you a wonderful sensual and nude massage!

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