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Why choose the Lomi-Lomi massage at Majestic

Starting on the 16th to 23rd of March, Majestic Massage is pleased to announce the introduction of the Lomi-Lomi massage, a real source of wellness and regeneration,for both men and women.

Fulfilling escape of the senses

Are you stressed or tired? What better to eliminate the tensions and fully recharge your energy than a personalized Lomi-Lomi massage session ? More than an exotic treatment, the Lomi-Lomi massage, also called the massage of “loving hands”, is the ideal choice for those who need an emotional oasis.

What is the Lomi Lomi massage?

Lomi-Lomi is an authentic Hawaiian massage, inspired from the kahuna traditional wisdom, with the purpose of harmonizing the physical body and the psyche, the mental and the emotional body. It has an undeniable spiritual dimension.
Before and after the session the masseuse suggests a moment of interiorization that elevates and sublimates. In this way, the masseuse and the one receiving the massage are connecting in a state of mutual trust and respect.

The flow of the Lomi Lomi session

This type of massage is done on a massage table with hot and high quality oil. The movements are very slow and careful, full of affection and awareness. Soft touches, squeezing, stretching, all aim to improve one’s wellness. The wide and rhythmic gestures have a specific quality named “loving touch”. The feeling is like an enveloping wave. It’s about a warm and loving touch allowing the tensions removal, whether they are physical, emotional or psychical. It’s a unique touch, extensive and easing, adapted to your needs. The masseuse is using her hands, her forearms and her fists as well.

Abandon yourself in the loving hands and fully enjoy the harmony of gestures, their fluidity and enchanting rhythm.

The benefits of Lomi-Lomi

This type of massage is an excellent method to refocus and retrieve the balance between body and soul. Regain your inner harmony and release irritations and tensions. It’s ideal against stress. The Lomi-Lomi massage is also recommended to ease all muscle tensions at the cervical and lumbar levels.

We offer you this massage at a promotional price of 100 euros.

Our Lomi-Lomi massage sessions are at the same time an invitation to a sensory journey into the paradisiacal Hawaiian archipelago and a discovery of an ancient life philosophy which is addressed to the body, the soul and the spirit.

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