A Royal Sensuality in Cannes
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Our Concept

Our Concept about Tantra and Nude Massage Cannes

Majestic Massage was conceived for those eager to experience a new and original approach to pleasure and eroticism – an experience that you will definitely remember. More than a massage, it also touches your heart and soul.

Away from the hectic world of lack of time and routine, we invite you to step into an exquisite realm of touch. Time stops and you experience the present moment by each breath you take.

Majestic massage is relaxing, sensual and very refined. The masseuse will touch you slowly with nice, soft strokes, performed with the whole body, which will provide states of intense and refined pleasure awakened from this skin to skin feeling. There is absolutely no intercourse involved and no sexual service of any kind.

We need to mention that our sessions have the only goal of wellbeing, relaxation and have no medical or therapeutic nature.

The “Majestic attitude” of our hostesses consists in the way they welcome you: with great respect, elegance and tenderness. For the Majestic masseuse you are a prince that deserves all happiness in the world, for the simple reason that she can discover in you qualities that you may not even guess by yourself.

All our masseuses are trained and certified in massage and wellbeing. In our palace, Majestic princesses have the only goal of making you happy with their know-how in the art of massage.

A new approach of erotic and nude pleasure
The Majestic massage can last for as long as you wish (one hour, two hours or more) and you will experience a state of pleasure in a very intense way, with each part of your body, but in a controlled manner. This royal attitude of controlling pleasure will make you more powerful and will increase your sensuality. This is the very reason why the goal of Majestic massage is the intense and refined pleasure.

The charming and gentle masseuse is covering you with her curvy body, in soft and warm caresses. Sensuality is meant not only for body, but also for mind. Majestic massage is a moment of deep relaxation, chill out, you will feel resourced by means of your own energy. In this way your whole being will feel deeply enhanced.

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