A Royal Sensuality in Cannes
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A sensual autumn in Cannes

From September 24 to October 3, Majestic Erotic Massage in Cannes offers you its magnificent and generous autumn promotions!

Dare to turn your sensual experience into ecstatic art. We will awake your 5 senses, we want to spoil you with a symphony of delicate touches.
Our wish: to offer you the opportunity to choose what you want (We are pleased to offer you 3 different and enticing promotions):

  • Assisted shower – the masseuse will create a cozy and intimate ambiance while taking the shower.
  • Angel’s touch -where the masseuse creates unique and unforgettable emotions, caressing your body for 10 extra minutes using only her breasts and her breath.
  • The tender and delicate touch, full of sweetness, with the ostrich feather, for 10 extra minutes.

The assisted shower and the additional 10 minutes are completely free.

For one hour and half session you can receive one of these promotions, for two hours of erotic massage, you benefit of two promotions by your choice and for the sessions of two hours and half, and more, you can enjoy all of them.

Dare to feel the fireworks in your whole being and book now your massage session

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