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Unforgettable promotion for partying end of the year!

Throughout December, Majestic Massage is thrilled to offer you, for any naturist session, an original experience, unique in Cannes: massage with hot oranges.

We invite you to experience pleasure in a new way – combination between sweet and refreshing smell of oranges and delicate and sensual touch.

Our massage session with hot oranges is a mixture of well-being, eroticism, body-to-body naturist and “aromatic” massages. It is a surprising protocol of gentleness and smoothest movements all over your body, which the masseuse helps you to discover during your naturist session, using hot oranges.

The heady perfume of the fruit flatters your nostrils. Each cell of yours get relaxed and take advantage from the beneficial qualities of orange. Thoughts are just disappearing, all that remains is a wonderful state of optimism, joy of living and positive attitude towards life itself!

The benefits of massage with hot oranges are numerous: not only your skin benefits fully from it, but the perfume of citrus fruits has a healthful impact on the nervous system.

The fresh and warm orange deeply relaxes your muscles, activates blood circulation and improves the immune system. This massage amplifies libido, erotic charisma, happiness. It helps you to recharge yourself energetically.

You may ask yourself: why oranges?

In ancient times, orange oil was used to relieve pain.

This citrus fruit was also known as a natural antibiotic and its fragrance helped to eliminate anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.

Delicious aroma of warm and juicy orange will make you forget all the worries and stresses of your daily life.

The magical time of the holiday season is coming. Take full advantage of it and make an appointment for a dream experience, our massage with hot oranges.

Majestic Massage warmly invites your Majesty to discover our new team of charming, young and professional masseuses from Russia and Hungary.

They will be delighted to welcome you!

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